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Think: A page for my daily thoughts on life, on something I am working on, or on something I have read. We can all learn from eachother so feel free to share with me what you 'think'.

Today's Thought:

September 18, 2012

I am the Team Leader of a Club for the Special Needs called YL Capernaum. I am having to take a training to learn how to better serve this population and to learn how YL Capernaum was founded, so that I will know what I am talking about if people ask 'Why Capernaum'. I read the founders story this morning on how he got involved with YL and then how he ultimately went on to starting Capernaum. He wanted so badly to be a YL leader and constantly was denied a possition on staff for reasons like it's not the right time, no opening, we don't think you are qualified for this age group; and yet he continued to try. I got a little mad and weiroded out as to why this willing to serve man was not able to get a job with a Christian ministry, until I got to the end of his article where he discovered all along God's plan was not for him to be just another YL leader but to the the Founder of just another YL club. It gives me hope to know, that when I am wanting and striving for something that I think is good and nothing is happening, there is a plan and my plan although good is not the best. I am reading through Romans 1:1-16 right now and Paul is longing to visit Rome and he has good intentions but God has better intentions. If Paul would have jumped the gun he would have missed out on all the people and ministries he changed for the better. I am in this place right now where I have everything I need, I am married, fed, clothed, and I have a ministry I am serving in, but I want to do more-- big things. I am not satified to do just enough I want to do it all. This is the very reason I am here, because God is saying if you are faithful in the little things I will lead you on to the greater things. Plus the fact that it is not about me and stamping my name on big ministries but about God and helping others learn more about Him.


September 19

Follow me. What a question; such a strong one to ask. Could you ask someone to follow you and feel completely secure with your actions? Living your normal everyday life as if someone were watching would be hard. You could never pick your nose without someone watching ... no I'm not talking about those kind of moments. I am talking about the moments when you are alone and the movie sex scene comes on, which every movie ever made seems to have, you could watch it or you could fast forward past it. If you had a little kid sitting with you what would you do; yeah you would cover his eye.. because deep down you know it's not good for him to watch. Why? The thought could go deeper but I'll leave it at this-- in good conscience could you ask someone of any age to follow the way you live?

September 22

A butterfly analogy. So I was doing yard work with my hubalub this morning and we had our dog on a leash with us while we worked. As I was weeding, my dog was running around beside me and I stopped to watch her chase a butterflies shadow and I laughed and said out loud your missing it because your chasing the shadow. It dawned on me that we do this so often in our own lives. There is this beautiful butterfly or plan or will for our lives and we get so caught up chasing the shadows of it that we don't stop to look up and realize the truth. One of my favorite verses is Jeremiah 29:11 where it says: "For I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you a hope and a future". Now this was written in reference to the Israelite's and I have plucked it out of context but I think Gods passion for His chosen people rings true for us as well and it shows His character. He is loving and kind and merciful and despite our wandering He has a plan for us looming over head all we have to do is look up and ask.

January 28

This is not an intellectual or spiritual thought by any means this is just a silly thought I had as I was riding in the car with my husband the other day. We were driving down a rode that had 5 or 6 car lots in a row and we came to a stand still at a stop light right in front of a very large car lot. It was a long light and I was thinking about how expensive cars are and that car dealerships are typically really fancy inside. Most car dealerships require that all the dealers wear suits and the process for buying a car is really official ... right? I was thinking all these things while at the same time asking myself, when they are wanting you to spend lots of money and appear so official why then is their biggest form of advertising balloons? Every car lot seems to advertise with balloons ?? You want me to come in there and buy a 30,000 dollar car and I am supposed to be intrigued to do so by the color and number of balloons you hang around or if you have those really big balloons that float really high in the air or if you not only do balloons but you have those colorful streamers .. is it silly to you because I find it to be kind of funny. My husband joked that it like a CAR-nival and maybe that was the original basis of why they all chose that .. I don't know? I just find it silly and now every time I pass Car Lots all I see is this giant balloon competition between dealerships. :)


  1. I love this part of your blog! It's so interesting and encourage to read the musings of others! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks I love being expressive and sharing my thoughts ... I only wish I had time to do it more often :) Thank you for taking time to read and comment!! I joined your site as a blog member in appreciation :)