Saturday, February 16, 2013

Origrami is Amazing!!

You can now turn your Instagram pics into adorable Polaroids.  I recently stumbled upon this website called Origrami and I am so excited. Polariods are yet again becoming so popular. I love Polariod cameras, the instant gratification and the white rims around the photo-- Aww the white rims where many a joke or note could be written. They are so fun J but did you know that film for a Vintage Polariod camera can cost 40 to 100 dollars its crazy expensive. Origrami however has made their version of the Polariod with some added flare!! They print your instagram photos to look like Polaroids and they have a map on the back where the photo was taken!! So cute and inventive!!

The photos come printed and packaged in this adorable package. 

They also have other options for printing your photos. Like this one below: printed like a roll of film. I really love this option!

This is such a great idea and I love love love this product and hope you go to this website and use it for yourself!!

Go to this Website and Start Printing!!!!


  1. Hi Rebecca, I'm a fellow Etsian who found your blog from Etsy Teams! What a great resource for Instagram prints... I'll have to consider doing this :)

  2. NIce post on Origrami and have been hearing/reading more about it! We love your new blog and are now followers! Hope you visit ours soon!