Heart for Vintage Treasures

I love Vintage which is evident by how I've decorated my home, myself, and my Etsy shop. I want to share with you some tips for incorporating Vintage items into a Modern Home, how to wear Vintage items for every occasion, and how to run a successful Vintage Etsy Shop.

How I got Started:

 My Heart for Vintage started as a kid in my grand-pa's house. He was a big traveler, he went all over the world and brought back these amazing items that were so unique. I grew to love things that were out of the ordinary and the best places I found to find those things were in antique shops. I loved to go to antique shops as a kid and look for scribbles or notes in old books just to imagine who those people were who wrote those notes. I always was fascinated by the fact that those notes were written by ordinary people and the thought that one day the things that I may scribble in a book might have an impact on someone in the future. I love the timelessness that Vintage Items hold. 

My Shop:

My shop is OctoberNative and it is all about "Bringing Fragments in Time to Life". I feel that my shop definitely lives up to its tag line in that I sell old items that I have re-purposed or spiffed up and vintage craft supplies to help others bring their projects to life.

My Home:

Pictures to come ....


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