Monday, December 24, 2012

Gone Picking ...

My Husband and I enjoy going picking and this weekend we found a great picking location. This older lady had been an avid collector all of her life, so she had trailer loads of items. She had decided that since she was getting older she needed to move somewhere smaller so she was needing to get rid of some of her things. My husband and I helped her out a lot, as in we bought a ton of stuff! I love getting my hands dirty digging behind shelves, in old dusty boxes, and under piles of junk. I found Jewelry from the 70's, Starwars Figurines from 1977, Danish Modern Tins, Beehive Smokers, Matchbox Cars from London, and so much more. Picking is so much fun but the real fun comes when I go home to start researching my finds and I discover where they came from and their value.We spent 100$ and got a haul of items estimated to be over 400$-- Now that's what I call fun!! I have included below pictures of some of the items we found. You can purchase these items here:


  1. Great vintage beauties, and your photos are excellent!!! I'm very proud to be your first GFC follower. =0)

    1. PS - The new banner and background are PERFECT!